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Reiki Master Michelle with pink flowers in background

Meet Michelle



Thank you for taking your time to connect with me today!


After a successful career in Human Resources spanning over 30 years, I retired in 2019. During my time in the corporate world, I had the opportunity to teach, guide, and support others, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


When I'm not giving sessions or teaching classes, I love spending quality time with my loved ones, including my husband, children, grandchildren, friends, and my sweet dog Angel. 


One of my biggest passions is flower gardening, and I take great pleasure in tending to my beautiful garden. I also have a collection of angels and crystals, which bring me joy and inspiration.


In addition, I have a wonderful bird feeding station in my yard, and I find relaxation in observing the birds while sitting on my deck. It is a beautiful place for meditation. 


I am always motivated to learn and grow, so I frequently engage in reading and taking classes. My interests lie in health, healing, inner growth, and understanding people and relationships better.


To maintain my well-being, I practice self-Reiki daily. It helps me stay grounded and be the best version of myself. 


Over the years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and inner growth, delving deep beneath the surface to address my own unhealed wounds and limiting beliefs. 

This process has been transformative and has contributed to my personal health and healing and also with helping me to better relate with others and their personal journeys.


I am excited to connect with you and learn about what inspires you! 

Feel free to explore my website and reach out to me with any questions or thoughts you may have. Thank you for visiting!

Special Note:

The practitioner is not a "healer", but instead acts as a conduit for the flow of Divine energy. The answers and healing reside within the client to connect to their own well-bein​g and empowerment.

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