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Thank you for visiting my Reiki website.


Reiki can improve the qua​lity of your life!


Reiki provides a deep relaxation within your mind, body,

emotions and spirit!!


Clients report help with headaches, stress, insomnia, upset stomach, sprains, pain and other conditions.

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In-person sessions are available at 


​​​​Lifetime Family Chiropractic in Brighton, MI


Distance Reiki sessions remain available and continue to be part of my Reiki practice.


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​What is a Reiki treatment like?


While lying fully clothed on a massage table or seated in a comfortable chair, the practitioner places his/her hands around the head, shoulders, upper body, abdomen, legs and feet.


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What is​ Re​iki?

REI (ray): Spiritually Guided   


KI (kee): Life Force Energy


Reiki is a complimentary Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that supports the body's natural ​healing capabilities. 

It is none-invasive, cannot harm and works to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of life, regardless of age, background or belief. 


Reiki is also being utilized with our Veterans. Learn more at Reiki for Vets.

Reiki can help you be your best with...



-Life balance


-Job challenges

-A busy mind and tired body

-Refreshing, relaxing and recovering

-Challenging emotional, physical and life events

-Taking care of your needs while taking care of others​.

~A Reiki session can benefit you!

Supporting your body with rest and relaxation engages your immune system to help protect you from illness!

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