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Why chose Michelle as your Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner?

  • Michelle offers both in-person sessions and classes, allowing for a personal touch and connection within a safe space.


  • Michelle takes great care to create a judgement-free perspective, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and understood. 


  • Her teaching style is easy to understand, making the learning process enjoyable and life-changing. 


  • Clients have praised her for her kind and knowledgeable help in unburying their authentic selves. 


  • Michelle's authentic sincerity and engaging approach create a warm and welcoming environment in her in-person sessions and classes. 


  • Additionally, she hosts monthly in-person Reiki shares for her students, providing an opportunity for practitioners to come together and practice their skills. 


  • Clients appreciate her great listening skills and the follow-up she provides after sessions and classes. 


  • With over 30 years of experience in corporate HR, Michelle brings a professional touch to her practice. 


  • She is always available for questions or concerns and teaches at the highest standards as set by the ICRT. 


  • You can expect a relaxing and refreshing experience, where you can learn and explore in a supportive and centered environment. 


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